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Celebrate Bad Times, Come On!

The 4th of July marks the anniversary of the day Americans began to govern themselves, but I'm not sure how deserving that is as a holiday anymore. In particular, I live in the Minnesota, a state which is notable this holiday weekend because it failed to pass a budget before the end of June. That means many State workers are “enjoying” more than just a 3 day weekend. That means many government services (including web sites, which seems odd to me) are not actually going to be functioning at the moment they're going to be cheered.

And the strangest part, to me, is that the celebrations are still going to happen! Partisan political roadblocks, unemployment, wars, deficits, debt, and countless other serious issues be damned, we're going to throw a party because . . . somehow . . . we're #1! I really don't understand this country anymore.