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Was it the same cat?

Here is an interesting bit of video effects that I came across. The heart of the topic is odd digital artifacts, but I think it could turn into more than that if movie makers actually embrace some of the techniques. For example, I see the cat at the top to be something of a combination of the morph from T2 and the 3D bullet time from The Matrix.

What happens to Red Dwarf at the bottom is potentially even more interesting. It is kind of a scene transition, but the old scene isn't washed away with a cut/fade/wipe. Rather it becomes part of the new scene. Are there examples of that purposely being done already? Maybe where a billboard turns into a shirt or a coffee cup? My brain wants to recall seeing something like that, but I have no specific memories of it.

Regardless, doing it digitally would potentially allow for a level of seamless scene-to-scene switching that would have been next to impossible previously. It's just a bonus for someone Impossibly Stupid like me that the result involves some fractal scaling. And a further bonus here that the Red Dwarf inclusion happens to match my previous post on mixups!