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For Google, “excessive” means 1

I have written about Google AdWords before. I even based a couple of games on the same economic principles. What happens when you put the two together? Disapproval, it seems.

Today I got a message from Google stating that an ad I had been running for the game was pulled for policy violations:

Capitalization: Capitalization: Per the 'Ad Style & Grammar' section of
our Editorial Guidelines, we do not permit excessive or unnecessary
capitalization in your ad text, title, or display URL. The following
are examples of guideline violations:

The horribly offensive ad?

Paid apps for free?
Get great new apps by playing
Race for the App! Fun and FREE

So I'm given the bum's rush because I capitalized that second "free" just as Apple likes to do:

If I were a betting man, I'd wager that Google might be letting their entry into the mobile market bleed over to "excessive" policing of trivial ad formatting issues. And in a fitting bit of irony, check out their own Android Market, where you can BUY or INSTALL their FEATURED TABLET APPS, among many other ANDROID APPS and BOOKS.