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Tri, tri again

It's been a while since I wrote something, but I've got a little bit of waiting time after having submitted an update for Race for the App to the App Store, so let's have a little fun.

A major theme of Impossibly Stupid is the idea of good things becoming bad, and hopefully becoming so bad that they're good. Clearly, as the logo up top reflects, the number 3 is involved at a fundamental level. A new-to-me Internet meme along these lines that I've seen growing in recent months is best shown by example:

I think I first saw images like this pop up on FARK, and I find them absolutely hilarious. The way the 3 pieces (quote, author, image) fit together to make funny what might otherwise have been a simple two-part error is just fantastic. There is a palpable intention in the compounded mistake. What is icing on the cake is that often the subject matter is science fiction/fantasy material, a crowd notable for being pedantic to the extreme. So here are a few more choice samples, including one of my own creation. Enjoy:

Have others? Let me know!