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3 days behind schedule isn't so bad, is it?

Well, the previously mentioned iPhone game that's been taking up most of my free time is just about to get put out the door. I was hoping that was going to happen last Friday, but things happen. Smartly, the real target release date was mid-August, so that can still happen if the iTunes approval process hums along fast enough.

And it isn't rejected. That's always a concern, but even a bigger one when it's a brand new app. Heck, it's even tough to categorize this thing, because it cuts across so many subjects. But I'll leave those details for another time and another place, when it finally goes live.

What I will do here is give out free promo codes! The app is expected to cost a buck (or whatever the lowest non-zero price is in your region), but I'll give it for free to the first 10 people who request it in a comment. It's a bit early, sure, and you don't know much of anything about it but, hey, free app! Right?