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More things to refudiate on the the Internets

Sarah Palin has been taking some heat recently for a small bit of misspeaking, and I'm just going to take this opportunity to tell the shallow haters to stop it. I've posted before about language usage, and my position hasn't really changed. Rather than attacking people for the rare and unfortunate slip of the tongue, why not save your ammo for attacking them on issues of substance? It's not like twisted words are even the low-hanging fruits for most of these people!

In a fit of full disclosure, I must admit that I flub words sometimes myself. If my mind is thinking ahead of my mouth, the wrong stuff just comes out. Some memorable cases in point:

  1. In the middle of a heated technical discussion about a programming API, I used the term depreciated instead of the more commonly used deprecated. The Horror!
  2. While joking around about a co-worker moving between cubicles, I meant to say she was out on patrol, but instead said she was out on parole. She was unamused.
  3. After running into someone I knew in college, I wished a fond farewell to Mark. Problem was, his name was Eric, and I just happened to be thinking about other people we knew at the time (Mark being his roommate in the dorms). It doesn't help that I've never been great with names; a problem to this day.

So let's all give syntax fury a rest for a while and make semantics a priority. Treat issues of style after issues of substance have been addressed. Remember when we used to do that? Before Twitter? Before YouTube? But definitely after Gerald Ford.