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Let's have an iOS 4 dialog

John Gruber has had a few postings recently with bad dialog boxes from Microsoft and Adobe. It seems only fair to post this gem I got when I went to update my iPod touch:

It is non-obvious to me exactly what clicking Continue is going to do. Transfer the items, so I need to make sure my Mac has the space available? Delete the items, so I need to make sure I already have them backed up? For that matter, which purchased items aren't in iTunes? It certainly seems like they're all there to me!

So I do the impossibly stupid thing and click Cancel and then just hit Sync. Seems like that should work, right? I got the dialog again.

Ah! Under the File menu there is a Transfer Purchases from "Doc's iPod" item. Clickity-click and I'm good to go! I got the dialog again.

It might be worth noting that this isn't a fully loaded iPod. It is mainly for app testing, but it does get some stuff from the App Store installed. I put in some contacts and calendar entries (and other miscellaneous app data), too, but it doesn't sync them. Nor does it have any audio or video files to sync. Certainly nothing in the way of purchases that could only be on the iPod. 90% of the 32GB isn't being used; good luck figuring out what is missing in iTunes for the people getting that dialog repeatedly with a full device.

Screw it. I'm a risk taker, and there really isn't anything on here that is critical to me. I push past the warning and install the update. After playing around with the new version for a bit, here is a list of all the things that I lost: