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Spam Outings, Round 9

So here we have it: the last single digit spam call out is also the last "on demand" one and, as you will soon see, it's a great capper. I'll still be raking insecure hosts over the coals, of course, but not as they come in. To that end, anonymous comments must now be approved, and when that queue get cleaned is when you'll see new outings. (weekly? monthly? we'll see . . .)

In the ongoing theme of failed educational institutions, we have this decidedly-non-educational-institution IP owner:

Open Software Foundation
P.O. Box 7286
Nashua, NH 03060

spammed us on Sunday, 17 January 2010 - 6:59am via IP

Because it resolves to, though, I'm dumping it in with other educational institutions. With any luck, it's just a basic web host without any student records or other confidential information, but it still represents a machine that may be considered a trusted host, and it's now part of some botnet. I mainly only listed it to create a calm before the storm.

And here comes the big one! The insecurity to make all insecurity envious! If you had asked me to predict this day, I would have said "never in my wildest dreams", yet:

Microsoft Corp
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

spammed us on Sunday, 17 January 2010 - 4:09am, 4:19am, 5:17am, and 10:41am via IP

Color me both shocked and amused. They hit this site not just once, but four times! Sadly, this entry will likely be lost amongst all the other Microsoft insecurities that pop up all over the Internet on a daily basis. I wonder if I would be just as careless if I had billions of dollars. Would you?