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Real America

The USA is an impossibly stupid country. It is a government founded by people who, with good reason, didn't much like governments. It started out fine, with a declaration that a government that doesn't represent the people has got to go. That was followed by a system of checks and balances that was intended to limit abuse of power, but that lead to the unfortunate problem of politicians who would aim to make a career out of collusion rather than briefly serve as a citizen.

Political power is the lowest form of power. It properly forms, like all executive positions, the bottom of an inverted hierarchy, with the President nowhere near being the most powerful person in the country, let alone being referred to as "leader of the free world". You might not think so if you're watching celebrity cheerleaders or endless pundits spouting on about it these days, but let's instead take those hacks for the partisan morons that they are and look at what political power can't do.

It is their very impotence that makes them grab at whatever power they can get, and that seldom means they are doing it in your best interest. Instead, things have progressively corrupted to the point where Real Americans, those whose spirit of government mistrust is inspired by the Founding Fathers, are marginalized and called unpatriotic. Push a two party system as a mandatory false dichotomy and let mob mentality take care of the rest.

But enough borderline-nutter bellyaching about the problems; let's talk impossibly stupid solutions. These proposed solutions will cover the two shortcomings I see with the way things currently are, tackling them one on the dimension of time and the other on the dimension of space. Sounds like more Unibomber-esque looniness? Stay tuned to see how the inmates would run the asylum.