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Prep your security blanket

As with all blogs, I know how critically important this site is for your life to have meaning. Speaking to that, I want to prepare you in advance for a change that is going to happen. Are you sitting down?

A little while ago there was a great domain/hosting deal that I just had to snap up. Since then, I've been moving some minor sites over to the new server and it's been working pretty well. Now it's time to try shifting Impossibly Stupid over there. Keep breathing!

In a perfect world, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. But blogs are still impossibly stupid for the most part. Drupal sure is when it comes to backing up/moving the site to a new host. You'd figure it'd be a click of a button at this point, but somehow it's not. I even looked at maybe switching to a different CMS like WordPress or others, but what they make up for in archiving features they lack in everyday usability features (e.g., I like OpenID being supported right out of the box). Can I get you a glass of water?

So to minimize the devastating trauma that would be the result of being unavailable for even a moment, I've decided to do this risky move over the weekend. Hopefully there won't be any/too many glitches and you'll never even notice things have changed. If I run in to problems, though, you might have to cope with some issues come next week. I think that if we can be strong, we'll all get through this together.