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Expect golden showers from streaming music

How does a CEO prove themselves so terminally clueless that investors should sphincter-pucker on all funding? We7's Steve Purdham has the answer for you:

Why do you actually need to have something downloaded on your PC? The streaming idea is really the future.

Everyone who didn't try to stop him from saying that needs to be fired. And not the small kind of fired, either, but the should-never-be-in-a-position-of-authority-ever-again-and-would-you-like-fries-with-that kind of fired. On the off chance you don't know why, allow me to spell it out.

Streaming is downloading!

It's not just downloading, it's requiring a download every time you want to play something. It's requiring sufficient bandwidth to download everything in real time. It's requiring a constant connection to download without error. All because you don't want to use pennies in disk space? A whole lot of people have to be a whole lot of ignorant about the state of technology if that's the corporate mindset surrounding these services.