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Rails Against the Machine

I've done it. I've finally hit the limits of this little VPS. Over the past months I've migrated a lot beyond Impossibly Stupid over to it. The major site run down is as follows:

Many of those are just small static sites. Others, like Impossibly Stupid itself, are “enhanced” sites that are semi-dynamic. Some are fully dynamic, built with templates in Perl and Ruby, even making use of a SQLite database when necessary. The server does more than web hosting, too, including the email duties I've mentioned previously. When all is said and done, everything I've thrown at it so far takes up around 50-60% of the 128MB of RAM it has. But here's the one last straw that's broken the camel's back:

That site is built with Ruby on Rails. Even during modest testing as part of the transition process, it was easily sucking up the other 40% of my available memory. So I'm doing the only rational thing I can do: get another, larger VPS! That second server will be dedicated to doing my Rails hosting for starters, but I may shift other dynamic sites around after things have settled down a bit. For the foreseeable future, though, Impossibly Stupid will remain part of my $1.25/month experience.