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Contact High: A 420 Day Celebration

Well, well, well. Here we are on 2015-04-20 (that's a proper descending date, USA-type-people), the pot-head holiday. As you can guess by now, since I've done so many misdirection headlines in the past, I don't have much to say about that. No, what I'm mainly going to focus on for this article is the Contact part.

Over the weekend I finally got email set up on my RamNode VPS. I actually had it going a bit earlier than that, but it was over the weekend that I thought things were solid enough to begin receiving Impossibly Stupid emails. So now if you click the link on the right, it'll be handled “locally”.

For those who care about the details, the default SMTP server for my VPS was the venerable sendmail. And I put in a good faith effort to configure it for my email needs, too, but it was so unfriendly to outsiders that I had to eventually give up on it when I couldn't get it to give me an AUTH. Next I tried exim, which still isn't as friendly as you might expect for a service as common as email, but I was able to figure out all the things I needed. Add in dovecot for IMAP access, and I'm a happy camper.

So what's the Celebration I mentioned? I'm giving away up to 420 mBTC today! For no particular reason, just like I've done before, I'm going to send money to people who contact me via my new email setup. Here's what you need to do to participate:

  1. Get a Bitcoin address that identifies you in some way. It could be on your web site (like mine down below), or tagged like mine, or published in some other way that links to who you are.
  2. Send me an email that includes that identifying info, your Bitcoin address, and how much money you want me to send to you (max 420 mBTC, of course).
  3. Do not send me more than one email, or my fail2ban setup might lock you out as a spammer.
  4. At 20 minutes after the top of each hour (while I'm awake), I will look through all the requests I have received and pick the smallest one. If I received just one email, it will be held until the next hour another request comes in.
  5. I will send that non-greedy person the amount of money they requested, and then I will post an update in the comments for this article with the amount of money remaining.
  6. You can then send a new email with a new request for up to the amount of the new limit.
  7. The process will keep repeating until either all 420 mBTC are gone, or until the end of the day (UTC timezone).

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the game!