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Start of Another New Experiment

Things have gone so well with our experimental RAGtag setup that I'm taking things to the next impossibly stupid level. I'm putting it on the lowest-of-the-low-end VPS that RamNode offers:

Plan RAM / VSwap CPU IPv4 IPv6 Storage Bandwidth Price
128MB SVZ 128 / 64 MB 1 Core 1 /64 12 GB 500 GB $15 / yr

For reference, right now I host Impossibly Stupid (along with a number of other sites) on a shared web server (8x Opteron @ 2.2GHz w/ 32GB RAM) that runs $9.99/month. I'm keeping my expectations at the corresponding $1.25/month, and so should you. That said, I have high hopes that a modest blog like this will do just fine on even that small of a server. Stay tuned for updates on this latest transition as it progresses . . .