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POLL: Proclaiming Old Link Lifeless

As recently promised, the beard poll has been migrated out of Drupal. Or, of course, you could just look over to the right to find it in the sidebar (at least through 2016). I did look into using Disqus comment voting to handle polling, but it seems there was no way to “pre-load” the existing votes I had.

So what I ended up doing is updating my Town Square site to handle polling. After all, what is polling other than tallying up identical comments? The bulk of the changes for that wind up on the client side, so a little bit of JavaScript coding and we're 90% there. The only bit I added to the server side was limiting the number of comments/votes to 1 per IP address (which is what Drupal did); more advanced throttling might be added in the future.

Future polls still might rely on the Disqus voting mechanism, though; I really won't give it much thought until I have something else poll-worthy. Regardless, that was the last dynamic thing that wasn't on this new read-only version of Impossibly Stupid. Unless someone else sees something I missed, I plan on completely taking down the old Drupal version of the site over the weekend.