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Speak Now, or forever consider speaking at a later date

One of the dynamic niceties that a CMS provides is direct commenting. I knew that when I ditched Drupal I still wanted to have a good way to allow feedback here. Two features I particularly like in a discussion forum is the ability to comment without the hassle of having to set up a user account, and the ability to thread replies. Bonus points if I could somehow add the old Impossibly Stupid comments with relative ease (and get any new comments out again with similar ease).

As I mentioned before, I do have my own Town Square CMS, but the purpose behind it is very different than that of a regular discussion system. At best, it can be re-themed to function as a shoutbox, so I might still use it for that at some point, but also want something that allows for feedback regarding specific posts just like Drupal and other countless full-blown blogs allow.

Fortunately, such a system already exists: Disqus. It's not the only such service. Hell, it may not even be the best such service. But it's been used enough on many of the other sites I visit that I got a good feel for it over the last couple of years, and even set up a registered account with them a bit over 400 days ago. And even though their import tools leave a lot to be desired, I was able to add my old comments without too much of a fuss. I'll be improving the experience over the next few weeks (e.g., add comment counts to the articles collected on the home page).

So, for now, the transition is shaping up nicely and is almost entirely complete. The only thing I can think of that still hasn't been moved over from the old Drupal version is the poll. And, to an extent, I could create a workaround solution by co-opting the voting mechanism for Disqus comments. I can even think of a way to re-theme Town Square to have it function like a poll. I'm just not sure how much effort it is worth to bring that one last thing forward. But it will be addressed in some fashion by the end of the year.