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My $14 Giveaway

April Fool's Day is impossibly stupid. Not simply because of its origins, but because it has become a global outpouring of lameness on the Internet. Since I'm big on inversions, though, I'm going to take this opportunity to reverse that trend and do something that doesn't suck today. I'm giving $14 to everyone who adds a comment to this post on 1-4-2009 (that's a proper ascending date, USA-type-people).

In that comment you must, of course, identify yourself in some way so that I can get you the money. I don't need identity-theft levels of personal information, either. Just enough details so that I can get you the money. That's probably going to be a street address, but it could just be a name if I know you. To avoid scams and spam comments, you'll also have to say something human to demonstrate that your submission wasn't auto-generated.

Payment will be in the form of 7 $2 bills. While $14 doesn't seem like a big prize, it is a believable amount. I mean, you do believe that I'm sincere in this offer, right? To dispel any doubts, here is me getting all "gangsta" with the cash:

crunkin, or whatever the hell the kids are calling it