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Logo or logy?

In seeing today's Indexed I am put in the mindset to discuss this site's logo. It may not look like much, but it was the result of years of work. That is true inasmuch as I happen to like the concept of bifurcation.


The real idea, as noted in my original post for this section is that ideas can be on a loop instead of along a spectrum. Winning a lottery is nigh impossible, but it is highly possible to have a winner every week. Sticking a knife in a wall socket is stupid, but it is smart to defibrillate an abnormally beating heart.

So the logo represents finer and finer divisions around the circle from impossibly stupid to possibly brilliant. At some infinitely small cut, the line is drawn between the two. That was the idea, at least.

Another idea I had was to use a Venn diagram. One circle labeled "Possible", the other labeled "Smart". I never settled on what the intersection would be, but it really wouldn't matter much, because the real message was that the entire universe of things outside of that space was Impossibly Stupid. I still like the idea, but the reversed meaning of the words means it isn't really suitable for a proper logo.

If you think you have a better idea for how impossibly stupid things can be visualized, please post a comment!