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Sometimes I Scare Myself

I had a thought Halloween night that frightened some people: what if we got rid of all the unnecessary cruft that has built up on the web? I've complained about Drupal plenty before, and I've looked into switching over to a "simple" CMS like Jekyll, but I eventually began wondering if it wasn't all overkill for such a simple task as blogging.

A plan solidified this morning. I'll run an Impossibly Stupid experiment from Thanksgiving (aka, around the end of November) lasting a full year. Unless I find myself giving thanks for what a CMS provides, I'm going avoid throwing that kind of complexity at problems that don't need it (such as this blog).

So what am I going to do instead? Well, the first step is to see what can be accomplished using just what my web server (Apache, for now) gives me. The second step is to pepper in a bit of JavaScript if it can make things a little bit nicer on the client side. And then finally I'll look into ways to add "dynamic" content, like comments and polls. In some ways, this will be like a reworking of the Town Square CMS I did.

Here's hoping the ride won't be too bumpy . . .