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My credit card number gets stolen again. You won't like who I suspect one bit . . .

When this happened last, I wrote about it thinking it was related to the Target theft. Well, this latest charge is for $49.95 (plus $0.99 in foreign transfer fees) by and you can search around and see it's been hitting a lot of people over the last week.

So who do I finger this time? Someone that could also have been responsible for the last fraud case? I don't make a lot of charges on this account, and there is only one that is big enough to have had so many other reports and also might have flown under the radar at the time of the Target theft due to customer overlap:


And, just like last time, I'm going to be going through all this again if this isn't resolved before my newly issued CC gets used. They come with a 3 year expiration date, but the best I'm getting out of them these days is 6 months . . .