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What is the frequency?

I didn't start any of this mess with a plan. All I had was a list of things that I thought people, even supposedly educated people, seemed to get wrong. Then I picked a date and started cranking things out whenever I felt like it. Looking back at the less-than-a-month history, it looks like I happen to post every 3 or 5 days. I don't know if that's reasonable or not. I'm certainly not being paid to post more often.

My expectation was that I'd put a week's worth of effort into a topic and give people something to digest every Monday. I still might end up doing that. At the beginning, though, I don't feel like fleshing things out maybe as much as I should; getting it out of my head is taking precedent over filling in all the details. If that leaves things too confusing or jumbled, if you think most posts read as just plain stupid instead of impossibly stupid, let me know and I can noodle on them more before posting.

Otherwise, continue to expect new stuff every four days on average, but never on any fourth day!