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Target CC fraud may be even bigger than reported

You probably heard the story about an "issue" with Target's charge card processing. I didn't worry too much about it at the time because I hadn't shopped at Target in the given November 27 to December 15 window. In fact, the last time my records showed I used my credit card there was way back on October 16.

Needless to say, I was quite surprised to find a fraudulent charge on my latest CC statement. It was very similar to what other targeted-Targeters have reported seeing: a charge for $9.84 by FEOSAC.COM. Perhaps coincidentally, or perhaps not, it was made on the 13th and posted on the 16th of December, right around the time the Target breach was being detected and stopped.

I, of course, called my credit card company as soon as I spotted the fraud, but they didn't immediately attribute it to Target because it was outside their given window. It was unclear to me if they would be investigating it further. But if it wasn't taken from Target, that only means that some other data breach is waiting to be revealed . . . and I'd be screwed again if I've used my new card by the time that news hits.