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Your social network isn't

I still have a soft spot in my heart for Brand New, but I just saw a story on their site that made me want to scream/laugh/cry/vomit. As if to half make my point for me, they've actually locked down their comment section, so I'm going to post here my impossibly stupid response to this:

Although it goes beyond that, in that on the internet simply writing “like” in a comment or a Tweet with it and a link implies much more than just liking something, it’s the equivalent of a 500-word essay on why we think something is great.

WTF? Put down the Kool-Aid and step away from the social network.

An essay? On the contrary! A like is the equivalent of the grunt you make in the morning when you take a dump. It is almost by definition the least amount effort you can go to to express a lack of disinterest in something.

If you actually thought like was so great, you wouldn't have bothered sticking a reply button next to it on your site's comments . . .