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The Original Impossibly Stupid NFT is For Sale!

Way back in May 2014, I made a both cryptic and cryptographic post, long before most anyone was talking about non-fungible tokens. Now NFTs are hot, and I’m not above cashing in on the equity I have established by being there from the very beginning.

Some NFTs have sold for tens of millions of dollars. In examination of my original NFT, which I’ll simply call IS1, it has been determined to have an appraised value of $4,250,000 due to its dynastic longevity and self-referential meta nature. That would currently make it the 12th most valuable NFT in history.

But I am not a greedy man. There is a particular sophistication that I offer, and that I seek in a buyer. For the purposes of this NFT sale, I am inspired by the Impossibly Stupid logo's Roman Numeral interpretation (III). And so:

IS1 is being offered to you for just $3 Million

Upon purchase, I can arrange to transfer IS1 to your preferred NFT blockchain, or you may choose to securely maintain IS1 on its existing public ledger. Either way, know that you’re making the best possible NFT investment, and begin looking forward to the day when you can sell it for $7 Million (the binary digit interpretation of the logo) or $111 Million (the decimal digit interpretation of the logo), or whatever number inspires your creativity. Contact me today to begin your journey into this exciting new future of digital asset ownership.