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Featured Crap Apple App: Podcasts

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m no longer happy with Apple, despite having been a long-time user and developer. Their latest hardware announcement about moving Macs to their own chips is not the kind of technical decision that is likely to bring me back (unless it somehow enables them to make an upgradable Mac mini for under $500). But worse than that is what they’re doing with macOS itself, and that’s what I’m going to focus on today, using their Podcast app as an example.

See, you and I are normal people. We live busy lives, even in the middle of a pandemic. We understand what it means to “binge” content when we have the time. Not Apple developers, though. Even back when podcasts were handled by iTunes, it’d stop functioning properly if you didn’t babysit it. The same behavior carried over into their dedicated app:

It’s worse than that, though. This particular podcast is simply infrequently updated:

So even though I’ve listened to each episode before a new one comes out, Apple still shuts them off!

And what should happen if you tell Podcasts you want to keep listening to a show? Enjoy dealing with a crapload of duplicate downloads:

With all the money Apple has you’d think they could hire competent employees. But they don’t, and that means I continue to slowly walk away from them.