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Let Me Make Your Black Friday Green

It’s been well over two years since my last giveaway, so how about we give it another go? If you had participated back then, you would’ve had a shot at getting some Bitcoin that is worth over $3,000 today. Earlier this year, an offshoot cryptocurrency to that was started called Bitcoin Cash, and it is already worth around 4x what Bitcoin was worth back in 2015. Since an old Bitcoin balance carried over to the new Bitcoin Cash, that’s what I’ve got burning a hole in my pocket for this competition. Here is the BCH address I’ll be using:


As usual, I have no particular reason for doing this, other than I’m feeling particularly thankful at this time of year. And since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I imagine people could also use some dough for Black Friday or the following Cyber Monday. So let’s run this contest on Black Friday itself (giving you plenty of time to tell all your friends), aka 2017-11-24, and thus I’ll be giving away a max of .20171124 BCH. Rules will be similar to previous giveaways:

  1. Get a Bitcoin Cash address that is linked to you in some identifiable way.
  2. Send me an email (or leave a comment if you’re comfortable with a public message) that includes that identifying info, your Bitcoin Cash address, and how much money you want me to send to you. No more than one message an hour.
  3. Each hour (while I’m awake), I will look through all the new requests I have received and pick the smallest one. If I received just one request, it will be held until the next hour somebody else makes a request.
  4. I will send that non-greedy person the amount of money they requested, and then I will post an update in the comments for this article with the amount of money remaining.
  5. You can then send a new message with a new request for up to the remaining amount.
  6. The process will keep repeating until either all .20171124 BCH are gone, or until the end of the day (UTC timezone).

Update: It has ended! Worth every penny.