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Revisiting “Carrar”

Way back in 2009 I wrote about receiving a weird CD in my mail. At the time, I was unwilling to insert said CD into any of my computers. But now I finally have a computer so old that I don’t care what happens to it, without a connection to the Internet, and still with a disc player (how quickly optical media faded, as I had predicted). In it goes . . .

And it does appear to be nothing more than an audio CD with two tracks. I duplicate the raw ISO disk image, and then I pull off WAV and MP3 versions of the audio. For your listening “pleasure”, I give you:


The bulk of the content (nearly an hour) is in the first track, which seems to be some sort of anti-Catholic/pro-Baptist religious screed apparently given by one John Carrara (yes, the CD was actually mislabeled). The second track actually gives a contact phone number: 814-239-5979. Doing a search on that, I find it belongs to:

Richard L. Dodson
1418 Beaver Dam Road
Queen, PA 16670-8902

The same Dodson that appears on the return address label, but a completely different address. And, I would assume, this is the same Richard that is mentioned in the first audio track. But, if so, I have to wonder why such a good friend would have left the “a” off the end of Carrara’s name.

I still have no idea why this was sent to me. Perhaps Mr. Dodson had come to think that there’s nothing more impossibly stupid than simply swapping one institution’s proclaimed “truth” for another proclaimed “truth”? On that subject, a better listen would be George Carlin’s You Are All Diseased.