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TDD: Tragically Dumb Development

I have a lot of computer programming experience. A lot. I've seen a lot of technologies, and a lot of related fads, come and go. I've missed out on a lot jobs of because I wasn't willing to toe the line when it comes to embracing stupid practices wholeheartedly. I'll happily abstract out what tidbits of value can be had from any groupthink I encounter, but I'm not going to foolishly do something just because I'm told to do it.

One such practice, an idiot cousin of the likewise-deficient Agile methodology, is Test-Driven Development. Even if you're not a computer person, you may have heard of a similar thing in education often called teaching to the test. Now, really, anyone with even the most lackluster endowment of intelligence should be able to tell you how little sense it makes to do that. Yet some developers and/or their managers actually think that sort of thing is a development silver bullet. The recent example that prompted today's musings comes via a Slashdot article:

TDD in practice

So while I think they can be a valuable part of the software lifecycle, I hope you'll forgive me if my development isn't driven by tests. If that's how you roll, then enjoy your Labor Day, because you probably don't enjoy your regular labor very much!